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EUD is a Haitian rapper and actress. She was born on April 25th and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. From a very young age, she showed interest in music more notably the 80’s and 90’s songs, however, it was the Haitian Rap movement that really incited her interest and pushed her towards her music career. Her incredible journey started with several poems, which were published on the radios and at several music festivals. She was only 16 years old when her musical career started. She sang on a carnival song with the group Tribu de Job in 2000. Despite her mother’s opposition, she clang to her dream (prose) and worked hard to make a name in the chauvinistic environment of the music world. Against her father’s advice, EUD, still a minor at the time, made her first appearances on stage with her friends from the Tribu de Job, then with ASRAP on “Ka Madan Brino” in 2001, and again in 2003 with LIVE JAM for the hit “Fanm Se Kajou.” Eud is a versatile artist. Her repertoire includes several genres of music such as Rap, R&B, Soul, World Beat, amongst others. She admits to being influenced by the captivating look and charisma of international superstars such as Lauryn Hill and Manzè of Boukman Eksperyans. That influence can be noticed in her two videos “Hey!” in 2006 and “Y ap Pale” in 2011, where she expresses herself as a sophisticated and uninhibited woman in her blue jeans and T-shirt. Eud is very talented, in 2007 she became co-host of “W’a Rap” show at Telemax (Haiti). An artist in her soul, she participated in so many projects, particularly, she lent her voice to a Mystik 703 album named Decennie. A group, she officially joined in 2009 before her international tour to France, Belgium and some French Islands. Later, she released a duo album called Limyèwouj, with DED KRA-Z, her teammate from Mystik 703. Limyèwouj was a commercial success and several songs were continuously played in all the clubs during the summer of 2011. Their album promotional tour included performances in USA, France, Cuba, Tokyo, and Japan.

EUD’s career took on an international dimension and her music continues to have a great influence in Haiti. In the summer of 2012, she was named UN ambassador for a gender based violence awareness campaign. In January 2013, she was also named Goodwill Ambassador by the Haitian Ministry of Environment as part of a reforestation awareness campaign. On the international level, Eud is highly appreciated as well; she was nominated in April 2014 by Indies Live, a media dedicated to the whole Caribbean culture, for her song “Ede M” from the album LimyèWouj. She released a second album in 2014 called Jou pam’, they went on a national tour to several cities Jérémie, Cap-Haitien, and Petit-Goave. During the summer of 2015, she had remarkable success internationally; she performed in Montreal at the Montreal Pop Festival, with her stage partner Ded Kra-Z, the Denton festival in Texas, and Youbloom festival in California. EUD is always well-dressed during her shows ,and she revealed to the general public that her family made her stage costumes. She even launched her own clothing line “EUD Collection” in 2014 to satisfy her fans’ requests of her style. The clothing line includes a combination of Caribbean and African fabric “Karabela”, which aims to give value to the culture of those countries. In addition, she landed her first role as an actress in the film Suspicion in 2015. In October 2015, on her native land, she became Ambassador of the “Kenbe Tèt Nou, Kwè nan Tèt Nou” campaign for the Ministry of National Education and Vocational training. She was then selected as a national representative, in December 2015, by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) as part of their campaign to motivate people to go to the polls. Back on the international scene in March 2016, EUD performed in Guadeloupe and Martinique with the famous Congolese rapper, Maître Gims, as part of the Urban Festival. Immediately thereafter, in April 2016, she crossed the Atlantic to Cape Verde to deliver a remarkable performance at the Atlantic Expo Festival. A few months later, she made an appearance alongside a famous Caribbean artist in a video entitled “My Queen” that was recorded in Haiti and highlighted the natural beauty of the country. In April 2017, EUD traveled to France as the guest of “Admiral T” to participate in the impeccable concert at AccordHotels Arena in Paris (Bercy). Thereby, EUD is the first and only Haitian artist to bring Rap Kreyòl (Haitian) to Bercy Arena. Following these extraordinary exploits, in July 2017, she released her first solo album « EUDOMINATION » with 12 titles including one featuring Admiral T, « Caribbean love » video.