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Team STARBOYz TSB.Is a musician and band group consist of three bothers.The first born and follow by twins, Romeo Braxon the elder son Al-Del Braxon and Al-Sim Braxon we were born and raised in Sierra Leone.We are Sierra Leoneans based in Gambia,but due to our musical career and experience we have travelled to different countries,we started up as male model and was picked up by a modeling agency at a tender age whiles we were still in high school,We were detected due to our sense of style and swag.Few years later we quit modeling to portray our childhood dream which is being musicians shortly recorded our first mixtape single called Pretty boys ain't loyal and few moths later shot the video and it became a massive trend our fans love it and the ladies use the name pretty boys ain't loyal to describe us,TSB did not relent or pull back but instead work twice harder everyday in the studio and released singles after singles few months after complicated our mixtape album consist of 18songs which was launched in Gambia,one of the song happens to be our current hit single called Gentleman which TSB released with a classic video that's was shoot in Morocco and The Gambia. However Team STARBOYz shot another video called bottles up which is about to be a blast,And now presently we have relocated to Nigeria Lagos working on how to fit in and make a mark in the musical industry probably get sign up by record labels and show the world what we can offer